Valparaiso Amateur Film Festival

The International Amateur Film Festival is an event that celebrates and promotes amateur film production from around the world. This year, the festival is taking place for the first time and is especially focused on giving opportunities to self-taught filmmakers and low-budget projects, as it can be difficult for them to compete in the world of professional cinema. Participants can submit their short films, documentaries and other film works to be considered for inclusion in the festival's programming.

During the festival, selected works will be screened and a series of events and activities will take place to connect with other amateur filmmakers and learn about the world of cinema.

You can learn more about our festival and submit your film on the FilmFreeWay platform.

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Valparaiso Amateur Film Festival is a unique opportunity for amateur filmmakers to share their work with a wide audience and learn from others in their field. We hope to see your work there!


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